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Multiple Teams · Coffee For The Holidays From The Golf Team!

Update:  The original fundraiser was so overwhelmingly successful that Coffe Amor has graciously extended the timetable for ordering through December!  This premium coffee can be order ground or unground.  If you order more than one pound (bag) you will receive free shipping!  Stock up now before time runs out!

Come one!  Come all!  Here is a great opportunity to support the Northmont Golf Program and get your caffeine fix at the same time.  Coffe Amor is a Wapakoneta based company offering premium coffee at an affordable price.  They are currently working with the Northmont Golf Program.  Please follow the link to view their product line.  The Northmont Golf Program will receive $5.00 on every $12.00 bag (16 oz.) of coffee sold.  You can order directly from the website.  This premium coffee is a great value to you and will help the Northmont Golf Program!

Thank you for your support!  We will see you on the links.


Click on the Coffe Amor image above to go directly to the Northmont Golf Fundraiser page.