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Athlete of the week Northmont High School

Name: Collin Hobert

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School: Northmont Grade: Senior Age: 19 Sports: Baseball, soccer Claim to fame/honors: Three-year varsity soccer defender and wing; two-year varsity baseball at third base and outfield; state qualifier for DECA marketing program; plans to study business and finance in college Bet you didn’t know: I could throw a baseball across the room at 6 months old. Words you live by: Never give up. Toughest opponent: Cincinnati Summit Country Day in soccer and Butler in baseball Biggest influence: My parents Game-day rituals: I always listen to music.

What’s on your bedroom walls: Posters from every team I’ve played varsity for and sports trophies When I’m bored I like to: Hang out with friends Favorite movie: “Step Brothers” Person who would play you in a movie: Matthew McConaughey Favorite TV show: “South Park” Favorite musical artist: Big Sean I can’t live without: Baseball I can live without: Homework Event you’d like to attend: A World Series game Favorite book: “October Sky” Favorite home-cooked meal: Taco ring Favorite restaurant: Rapid Fire Favorite smell: Freshly cut grass Favorite cereal: Fruity Pebbles Store where you’d like a shopping spree: Nike Vegetable you won’t eat: Broccoli I’d love to trade places for a day with: Ken Griffey Jr. Whose mind would you like to read: My parents Place you’d love to travel: Europe Talent you’d like to have: Singing Favorite school subject: Math Favorite athlete: Ken Griffey Jr. Favorite team: Cincinnati Reds Favorite Olympic sport: USA hockey Something in the world I’d like to change: Amount of job loss in America Favorite sports moment: Hitting a home run in Destin, Florida, this year Favorite junk food: Twix bars Best thing about baseball: It’s a team sport; you have to work together to win.