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Multiple Teams · 2017 Night of Champions a HUGE SUCCESS

On Wednesday, May 25th, the Northmont Football team participated in the 2017 Night of Champions/Lift-a-Thon under the direction of the strength and conditioning coach Clay Mangen.

Each player lifted their maximum weight on the Bench Press, Dead-Lift and Squat.  All three weights are then combined for their total amount.

Noted lifts:

300+ lbs Bench Press: Justin Syfox and David Weherley

500+ lbs Dead-Lift: Justin Syfox and Jalen Hinton

400+ lbs Squat: Justin Syfox, David Weherley, Seth Frantz, Jason Zile, Jamar Walder, Quelin Holt, Devin Kenerly, Marcus Burks, Nolan Roach, Logan Jewsikow and Kameron Mathis

20170525_203929 (2)


1300lb Club: Justin Syfox (DL)


1200lb Club: (L-R) David Weherley (OL) and Seth Frantz (OL)


1100lb Club: (L-R) Logan Jewsikow (LB), Kameron Mathis (TE), Jalen Hinton (OL), Dylan Moran (DL), Jason Zile (LB) and Quelin Holt (DL)


1000lb Club: (L-R) Kelymm Taylor (RB), Tim Sexton (DL), Jamar Walder (DL), Trace Jordan (OL), Logan Kincer (OL), Nolan Roach (OL), Mark Moore (DL) and Marcus Burks (DL) (not pictured) Cameron Rucker (DB)


900lb Club: (L-R) Ridge Stroud (QB), Aidan Reaman (LB), Josh Meeds (OL), Donavin Wallace (WR), Chane Prysock (DL), Miles Johnson (QB), Jabari Perkins (WR), Bryan Heyward (DL), Divine Lee (LB), Jestin Jacobs (DB) and Gabe Newburg (DL)