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Multiple Teams · Boys Basketball Camp Award Winners Announced


The Northmont Boys Basketball coaching staff, under the direction of Head Coach Collin Abels, hosted their annual basketball camp last week. There were 96 camp participants who attended the camp and were instructed on the fundamentals of basketball in a competitive environment. Instruction was led by the high school coaching staff, former players, and current players. Coach Abels would like to thank Kenny Hayes, former NHS player who is currently playing professionally overseas, for donating the camp t-shirts. The camp would also like to thank JD’s Custard, BW3’s, Firehouse Subs, and Ryan Hochwalt for their support and donation of prizes to the Northmont Boys Basketball Camp.

The camp was divided into two sessions, Future Bolts Session (grades 1-6) and the High School session (grades 7-10). Congratulations to following winners:

Most Outstanding Camper                         Intensity Layup Competition

Graham Moyer (grades 1-3)                           Corbin Zumwalt (grades 1-2)

Christian Moncrief (grades 4-6)                     Kayden Hill (grades 3-4)

Brian Amin (grades 7-8)                                 JD Kemp (grades 5-6)

Andrew White (grades 9-10)                          Caden Thompson (grades 7-8)

Evan Russell (grades 9-10)

Most Improved Camper

                                                                        Free Throw Competition

Carson Auxier (grades 1-3)

Brady Weaver (grades 4-6)                             Graham Moyer (grades 1-2)

Jaxson Christ (grades 7-8)                              Luke Mangen (grades 3-4)

Patrick Ivory (grades 9-10)                             Ashtin Buchanan (grades 5-6)

Dawan Reynolds (grades 7-8)

Hot Shot Competition                                 Keison Haggins (grades 9-10)


Gavin Rammel (grades 1-2)                            Dribble Knockout Competition

Ricky Braden (grades 3-4)

Preston Zumwalt (grades 5-6)                       Allyson Abels

Aiden Lykins (grades 7-8)                              Kaiden Johnson

Justus Thomas (grades 9-10)                        Garret Hoke

Luke Mangen

Mikan Competition                                       Kymani Sanford


Gavin Martin (grades 1-2)

Luke Mangen (grades 3-4)

Eli Voisard (grades 5-6)

Brian Amin (grades 7-8)

Trent Freeman (grades 9-10)

 Knockout Competition                                            Gold Star Camper                           

 Gavin Rammel                                                            Micah Smith

Dakoda Bodiker                                                          Gavin Rammel

Corbin Zumwalt                                                         Gavin Martin

Marcus Lindsey                                                          Carson Auxier

Micah Jacobs                                                              Kaiden Johnson

Garret Hoke                                                                JD Kemp

Luke Mangen                                                              Cameron Bannister

JD Kemp                                                                    Jake Webb

Brody Hildreth                                                           Sophia Braden

Preston Zumwalt                                                        Christian Moncrief

Allyson Abels                                                             Marcus Lindsey

Keegan Anderson                                                        Brianna Abels

Mason Myers                                                             Brady Lupton

Brianna Abels                                                             Ike Nwanoro

Jaxson Christ

Nate Kessler

Kyran Ellington

Caden Thompson

Aiden Lykins

Brian Amin

Patrick Ivory

Andrew White

Justus Thomas

Evan Russell