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Multiple Teams · Umpires Needed


Please remember the days you were playing ball maybe you agreed with the call or maybe you did not, but you could not have played the game without the officials.  Please take the time and consider giving back to the kids and their programs.  Below is an opportunity for all of us.  I know this is related to Baseball and Softball, but ALL sports need officials.

According to OHSAA data there are now about 700 less licensed BB umpires in Ohio than there were 5 years ago, and about the same amount numbers lost with SB Umpires. Other sports are struggling as well.

Looking ahead to 2018 season we are asking for your help in recruitment of new officials. We have recruited hard all spring/summer and it is looking like our “new class” numbers will be good this winter, but we need them to be great. Anyone you know that might be a good canidate to take the class, please have them go to Coaches, teachers, police officers, former players or simply any person of integrity that loves the game are our main focus groups. is a dedicated site for recuitment of new umpires in West Central / SW Ohio.