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Multiple Teams · Goodwill Drive to Victory

Goodwill Drive to Victory

Butler vs Northmont

Please CLICK for the LINK

The trucks will be in the Arby’s on 705 S. Main in Englewood and the Arby’s on National Rd. in Vandalia.

Let’s get Northmont/Butler a win off the field this week.  We are part of Goodwill’s Drive to Victory campaign this week and you and your family can help by taking gently used items to the Goodwill truck at  the Arbys (on Main St. for Northmont/on National Rd for Butler) The Trucks will in their parking lot through Friday at noon…spread the word to family and friends.  We can win a $300 scholarship by collection the most pounds of donations.

Also, since this is a Thursday night game…the trucks will be there until noon on Friday so Micah if there is any chance to get a quick announcement to both schools at the game that would be great too.

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