Multiple Teams · New Website – Key Navigation Information

New Athletic Website Navigation

The Athletic Website just went through an Appearance Change.  We want to make sure all athletes, parents, and community members understand how to navigate their way around the website.  

Top WHITE Ribbon: Northmont Senior Thunderbolts –  click – you will return to the Home screen – where you will see the 3 current Feature Articles, the 4 Latest Galleries, Latest News, and Upcoming Events (2 days advance). (see example below)

Top GREEN Ribbon: Hover or click – Fall Sports, Winter Sports, Spring Sports, Photo’s (Galleries), Calendar (Upcoming Events), and More.  If you hover or click the Season Sports you will find all the Sports in those seasons. (see example below)

GREEN Ribbon “MORE” – Hover or click “MORE” on the GREEN Ribbon you will find the following information: Thunderbolts HQ (Athletic Department), Forms ( athletic forms), Hall of Fame (Northmont), Community Recreation, Live Streaming (Periscope), and Video’s (Rapid Replay’s) —  (see example below)

Individual Sports pages — The tabs: Home Team (Specific Sport Info), Schedules, Rosters (Team), Photos (Galleries), and More.  Hover or Click “More” this is specific information about that team. The first 3 pull-downs in “MORE” are the same for each team: Calendar, Coaching Staff, Sport Vision, then ALL the links for each program. (Please see example pages below)

  1. Calendar contains: Conditioning and Practice times, sometimes game info
  2. Coaching Staff: Has the current contact information of the program
  3. Vision and Philosophy — contains their sport vision

If you have questions — please contact the Athletic Department