Multiple Teams · Athlete of the Week: Garrett McGough, Northmont

 Athlete of the Week: Garrett McGough, Northmont


School: Northmont

Grade: Senior

Age: 18

Sports: Baseball

Claim to fame/honors: Second-year varsity outfielder; stole 16 stolen bases through first 20 games; has hit leadoff and third in lineup; plans to attend University of Cincinnati and major in sports management

Bet you didn’t know … I’m an only child

Words you live by: Don’t take anything for granted

Toughest opponent: Centerville or Springboro

Biggest influence: My parents

Game-day rituals: Take a nap right after school

What’s on your bedroom walls: Baseball and football posters

When I’m bored I like to … watch TV

Favorite movie: Step Brothers

Person who would play you in a movie: Zach Efron

Favorite TV show: Grey’s Anatomy

Favorite musical artist: Travis Scott

I can’t live without: My phone

I can live without: Spinach

Event you’d like to attend: Definitely the Super Bowl

Favorite book: To Kill a Mockingbird

Favorite home-cooked meal: Lasagna

Favorite restaurant: Texas Roadhouse

Favorite smell: Cookouts

Favorite cereal: Cinnamon Toast Cinnamon

Store where you’d like a shopping spree: Dick’s Sporting Goods

Vegetable you won’t eat: Asparagus

I’d love to trade places for a day with … Odell Beckham Jr.

Whose mind would you like to read? My coach

Place where you’d love to travel? Dubai

Talent you’d like to have? Able to juggle

Favorite school subject: Math

Favorite athlete: Odell Beckham Jr.

Favorite team: Philadelphia Eagles

Favorite Olympic sport: Basketball

Something in the world I’d like to change: Racism

Favorite sports moment: Getting an interception to close the game against Springboro junior year

Favorite junk food: Mike & Ike’s

Best thing about baseball: You get to go out there and play just about every day; you don’t have to wait a week

In 10 years, I hope to be … living on my own and have a well-paying job