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TRADITION:  Northmont Fight Song

Link to Fight Song

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The Athletic Department would like to educate and re-educate the students, teachers and staff, parents, and community about our Fight Song and what we should do when The Fight Song Plays.

1. When Fight Song Starts — STAND UP (if you are able)

2. CLAP to the Beat

3. At the end of song:  YELL — Go Northmont Go, Go Northmont Go, Go Northmont, Go Northmont,  Go Go Go.

The next time you are at an Event and  you HEAR the Fight Song.  Please Stand, Clap, and Yell. Let’s all be PROUD —  We are NORTHMONT!


Below are the words to the Fight Song as well as a Youtube Band Video.

Northmont  Fight Song
Fight on Northmont High
Let our fight song lead us on
Win for Northmont High
Let our Echos fill the Air
Thunderbolts on field or Court
Or in the Classroom too
On to win victorious, Always loyal and true!
Northmont ever proud, Green and White will follow you!

BAND PLAYING -Northmont Fight Song