Thunderbolts News · Northmont Boys Varsity Bowling Team Loses to Beavercreek

The Northmont Boys Varsity Bowling Team held their second match at Thunderbowl Lanes against Beavercreek High School on December 5th.  Beavercreek out shot Northmont with a total score of 2491 to Northmont’s 2377.  High on the team was Josh Hanssen with a 2-game total of 428, followed by Jacob Fitzwater with a total of 414, Bradlee Fritz with a 411 and Cam Rayle with a 400.  High game was Cam Rayle with a 237, followed by Bradlee Fritz with a 228, Josh Hanssen with a 221 and Jacob Fritzwater with a 214.  They shot 213 and 199 in their 2 baker games totaling 412, which was also Beavercreek’s total for their baker games.

The Boys Junior Varsity Bowling Team also lost their match to Beavercreek with a total score of 1771 to Beavercreek’s 2114.  Northmont’s high bowler was Jayden Allen with a game of 182 and a total series of 359, followed by Carter Boone with a game of 160 and a total series of 304. Colin Hoyng had a game of 178.

The Northmont Varsity Team bowls this Saturday in Columbus for the Pioneer Baker Tournament.