Thunderbolts News · Core Course GPA and Preparing for College Athletics

Parents and Student-Athletes,
Northmont High School is proud to partner with the folks at  Through this unique partnership, Northmont parents and student-athletes can create a a Core Course account for FREE.  You can begin tracking the college requirements for athletes to play collegiate athletics.  In addition, there are several free resources that offer assistance on how to best get recruited, NCAA scholarship offers by sport, NCAA recruiting calendars, and much much more.  Visit and create your free account using the information below, or contact Mr. Hardin in the Northmont Athletic for more information.


Join as a Core Course member and receive timely and relevant advice, reminders and tips to improve your NCAA core course GPA and avoid recruiting pitfalls.

Athletes in the Class of 2020:

Text CLASS2020 to (833) 267-3472

Athletes in the Class of 2021:

Text CLASS2021 to (833) 267-3472

Athletes in the Class of 2022:

Text CLASS2022 to (833) 267-3472

Athletes in the Class of 2023:

Text CLASS2023 to (833)267-3472

Faculty and Coaches:

Text STAFF to (833) 267-3472



Educate and empower your student-athletes and parents to take ownership of the NCAA/NAIA initial-eligibility and recruiting process.


Step #1 – Member School Webinar

This 26-minute crash course on NCAA initial-eligibility rules is the perfect overview for your student-athletes and also provides a demo of the software. It’s available 24/7 for viewing on any mobile device or computer. Click the link below:


Step #2 – New Member Activation

The new member activation link below was created specifically for Northmont High School, providing your students a quick and easy way to activate a new student member account without the need for your school’s activation codes. Click the link below to activate your FREE Core Course GPA account: