Multiple Teams · New Girls Volleyball Coach – Briana Butler

 Briana Butler 


Family members names:   

Tina Lewis-Mother 

Edward Butler-Father 

Matt Butler-Brother 

Nick Butler-Brother 

Sport(s) Coached: 

Northmont Varsity Volleyball Assistant: 2014

Northmont Junior VarsityHead Coach: 2015-2019

Air City Chicks Volleyball 15 Regional Head Coach: 2015-2020

High School of graduation and grad date:   

Lima Senior High School-2010 

Sports played in high school:  

Varsity Volleyball-4 years

Varsity Softball-4 years 

How many years experience teaching and coaching:  

I have six years of teaching and coaching. 

Favorite sports memory:  

My favorite high school sport memory would be moving onto the district volleyball tournament my senior year. It was the first time in 20+ years that our schools volleyball team had made it that far. 

My favorite coaching memory would be upsetting Springboro with my JV team two years ago and winning club tournaments. 

Why do you coach?  

I coach because I love the game of volleyball, but most importantly I coach because I love sharing my passion for the sport with my players and younger athletes. 

What attracted you to Northmont and what are you most looking forward to about coaching at Northmont?  

The environment and culture at Northmont attracted me to the district when I was looking for employment after college. 

What I’m looking forward to the most as a varsity coach at Northmont is being able to continue building relationships with players as well as the continuation of establishing a successful program.