Multiple Teams · Getting to Know the NHS Varsity Softball Team

Just for some fun, all the players of the varsity softball team were asked various, silly questions. Each player had to nominate another teammate who they felt best fit each question without sharing their answers. Before we get to the results, let’s first introduce every player on the 2020 varsity squad:


Jen Bole #2

Kaylee Wood #3

Sierra Caskey #5

Chloe Kautz #6

Sarah Moomey #11

Madison Gilvin #13

Evynne Johson #15


Megan Rasor #4

Layla Smith #9

Alissa Doss #10

Taylor Pendleton #14


Carmynn Bonner #8

Gabby Hefelfinger #16


Emma Kautz #7

The results!

(Drum roll, please…)

Question #1: Who is the biggest book nerd on the team?

Jen Bole

Question #2: Who was the biggest troublemaker in elementary school?

Megan Rasor

Question #3: Who is the biggest animal lover?

Sarah Moomey (with Chloe and Sierra in a close second)

Question #4: Who is the biggest germophobe?

Maddie Gilvin

Question #5: Who is most likely to forget their glove for a game?

Gabby Hefelfinger or Kaylee Wood

 Question #6: Who is the pickiest eater?
Taylor Pendleton

Question #7: Who is the most superstitious?

Carmynn Bonner or Sierra Caskey

Question #8: Who can recite lines from movies the best?

Sierra Caskey or Sarah Moomey

Question #9: Who gets embarrassed the easiest?

Sarah Moomey

Question #10: Who embarrasses themselves the most?

Sarah Moomey (which is unfortunate considering question 9) and Gabby Hefelfinger

Question #11: Who will live on a big farm someday to take care of lots of animals?

Sierra Caskey and Layla Smith

Question #12: Who is the biggest scaredy-cat?

Taylor Pendleton and Sarah Moomey

Question #13: Who is the most gullible?
Gabby Hefelfinger
Question #14: Who is the biggest perfectionist?
Maddie Gilvin or Sierra Caskey
Question #15: Who is most likely to do weird things in public?
Gabby Hefelfinger or Sarah Moomey
Question #16: Who is most likely to win a Nobel Peace Prize?
Evynne Johnson or Sierra Caskey
Question #17: Who is the first to cry in a sad movie?
Sarah Moomey
Question #18: Who is most likely to trip running the bases?
Gabby Hefelfinger
Question #19: Who is most likely to be a world traveler?
Chloe Kautz
Question #22: Who is most likely to fall asleep in class?
Emma Kautz or Kaylee Wood
Question #23: Who is most likely to laugh at the wrong moment?
Sarah Moomey
Question #24: Who is most likely to spend all their money on something silly?
Chloe Kautz or Kaylee Wood
Question #25: Who is most likely to become TikTok famous?
Carmynn Bonner
Question #26: Who is most likely to take care of everyone else?
Maddie Gilvin
Question #27: Who has the best sense of style?
Taylor Pendleton (her mama owns a clothing boutique, so this seems fitting…)
Question #28: Who is most likely to join the circus?
Sarah Moomey (exhibit 1—->)  
Question #29: Who is most likely to invent something?
Evynne Johnson
Question #30: Who is everyone’s favorite coach?
(the only unanimous answer of the day…)
Coach Pfeffer 🤷‍♀️
Go Bolts!