Boys Junior Varsity Golf, Boys Varsity Golf · An Open Letter to Coach Harlow

From The Desk of Nathan Hannahan:


Dear Coach Harlow,

I hope that one day you truly understand the positive impact that you have had on so many athletes, parents, coaches, students, administrators, officials, and many more individuals that you have come into contact with.  When I first met you, I knew you were a legend on the diamond that also had a passion for the links.  What I did not know is that, over time, you would help mold me into the man I am today.  I learned so many things, from you, about life, sports, coaching, school spirit, parenting, being a good spouse, and shaping student-athletes into individuals of high character.  You never devalued my role as the varsity golf coach while giving me advice, or just simply listening to my struggles.  You were, and still are, firm when you need to be, but always supportive.  We have been there for each other through many ups and downs (golf pun intended), and together we have built a successful golf program at Northmont.  What I could never fathom has come to fruition and you have decided to enjoy a stroll down the fairway of full retirement (from Northmont).  I knew I was on borrowed time when you retired from teaching, and then went on to step down from coaching baseball (at Northmont).  Something inside of me hoped that we would, one day, ride off into the sunset like two wily good guys in an old western flick.  When we met to discuss your departure, I was certain you were confident in your decision to step away.  What I need you to know is that, while we worked together, I was sure the JV golfers were left in the best possible care with one of the best leaders of men that I will ever know.  I will miss you.  The golf program will miss you.  The cool thing about our sport is that I know you will take us with you down the fairway of life.  I also know that you will not be a stranger in the future.  You have left some very large golf shoes to fill and I am virtually certain that Coach Caudill is up to that task.  Thank you for being my mentor, my voice of reason, my conscience, and most importantly, my friend.  I am forever grateful for the time that we spent working together.




Coach Nathan Hannahan

Varsity Boys Golf Coach

Northmont High School