Thunderbolts News · Friday Football Ticket Procedures

Varsity Football Ticket Procedures

*Varsity football is the only sport where we will be utilizing online only ticketing options.  For all other levels of football and all other sports we will offer online tickets AND in person paper tickets*

  • Season Passes / Ticket Information – With the idea in mind that venue capacities will be limited, we will not be offering season passes or reserved seating for the 2020 fall sports season. Additionally, the GWOC will not be issuing league passes for the fall as well.  Ticket prices will be as follows:
    • Football – $8.00 per ticket.  Presale available online only for home games.  No discounted pricing will be offered.  Our online ticketing partner will charge a $1 fee per ticket, plus $.30 per transaction and a 2.9% credit card fee.  Here are some example of overall ticket prices
      •  1 ticket – $9.57
      • 2 tickets – $18.83
      • 4 tickets – $37.35
    • Varsity Home Games – We will offer senior football players, senior cheerleaders and senior band members 5 tickets each.  All underclassmen football, band and cheerleaders will get 3 tickets each.  Parents will be able to use their son or daughters student ID to purchase home game tickets Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday the week of home games.  Any tickets not purchased by parents by Thursday at 8:00am will be sold to the general public ONLINE ONLY.
    • Varsity Away Games – We will offer senior football players and senior cheerleaders 3 tickets each.  All underclassmen football and cheerleaders will get 2 tickets each to away games.  Parents can purchase away tickets Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday in the Athletic Office from 8:00am to 3:30pm.  Any tickets not purchased will be sold to the general public beginning Thursday at 9:00am in the Athletic Office.
    • Student Tickets for Home Games –  We want to offer our senior class an opportunity to experience Friday night football as a part of their senior experience!  We will have 60 tickets set aside for high school seniors for each home game.  We have a lottery system that will select senior students at random who will be able to purchase tickets for home games.  We will not be able to offer student tickets to underclassmen or middle school students.
    • Home Game General Admission Tickets – We will be able to offer a minimum of 30 tickets to the general public online.  These tickets will go on sale Thursday at 8:00am the week of home games.  Once the maximum number of tickets are sold, there will be no tickets sold at the gate.

Please understand that these decisions were not made lightly.  There was a lot of serious thought and consideration put into each decision.  The most important aspect in all of this is that our student-athletes get the opportunity to play sports, and for that we are very thankful.

  • GWOC Friday Night Football
    • Visiting teams and team personnel cannot arrive earlier than 5:30pm.
    • Gates open to fans at 6:00pm.
    • Kickoff at 7:00pm.