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Core Course GPA Program for Northmont Student-Athletes

Interested in playing college sports?  Check out the Core Course GPA program for Northmont student-athletes below! now makes it even easier for your student-athletes and parents (staff too!) to stay up-to-date on NCAA and NAIA academic requirements and recruiting rules.

By joining our free text service, they will receive periodic texts (no more than 2 per month) providing timely and relevant advice, reminders and tips covering NCAA and NAIA initial-eligibility and college recruiting.

Please have your coaches and counselors distribute the attached flyer with text codes specific for each graduation class.

NCAA Core GPA & Recruiting Tips:
* Text CLASS2021 to (833) 267-3472
* Text CLASS2022 to (833) 267-3472
* Text CLASS2023 to (833) 267-3472
* Text CLASS2024 to (833) 267-3472
* Text STAFF to (833) 267-3472 (faculty/coaches)

ccgpa_text_signup_833 now makes it easier than ever to educate your student-athletes and families on various aspects of NCAA/NAIA initial-eligibility and recruiting. Just click on the 1-Minute Recruiting Webinars below:

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We still also provide a complete 26-minute webinar for your use as well. Links to all webinars are also provided within your membership login.