Multiple Teams · Kinsey Mangen Hired as Girls Soccer Head Coach

Northmont Alumna Kinsey Mangen Hired as Varsity Girls Soccer Coach

Northmont High School is proud to announce the hiring of Kinsey Mangen as the new, Head Girls Varsity Soccer Coach.  #GoBolts


Kinsey Mangen, Northmont High School Class of 2013

Family members names:   Husband, Troy Mangen, Northmont High School Class of 2013

Sport(s) Coached: Varsity Soccer assistant for the past 4 years

Sports played in high school and/or college:  Played soccer in high school (varsity all 4 years) and played soccer at Ohio University all 4 years.

How many years experience teaching and coaching:  Teaching 4 years, Coaching 4 years

Favorite sports memoryMy favorite sports memory is the alumni game held each year here at Northmont. I enjoyed playing against the alumni while I was in high school because it was always fun to play against those that recently graduated but also to see those that came back each year to participate. It showed me how much of a positive impact this program has had on so many others, and now playing as an alumni and a coach I enjoy seeing the soccer family grow each year.

Why do you coach?  

I enjoy coaching soccer because I love sharing my passion with others. I thoroughly enjoy mentoring these girls and watching them grow into strong women and leaders. My favorite part of coaching is instilling the values I find important in life both on and off the field, that will help my players be successful no matter what their endeavors are. There is nothing better than teaching your players the importance of responsibility, discipline, team work, mental toughness, and accountability.

What attracted you to Northmont and what are you most looking forward to about coaching at Northmont?  

Northmont has been my home my entire life. I grew up in this community and have strived to serve my students and players ever since I started teaching and coaching here. My goal is to give my players the best experience possible while improving as athletes and students. I am most looking forward to building relationships with all of my players and to start building a team culture that gives these girls a vision of what this program can be.

Favorite Quote: “Life begins at the end of your comfort zone.” – Neale Donald Walsch