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Boys Golf Vision Philosophy

Northmont Boys Golf Team Golf Team Philosophy

Team Motto:

Striving to represent our school and community with dignity and respect one swing at a time.

Mission Statement:

The mission of The Northmont Boys Golf Program is to provide student athletes with an opportunity to grow as individuals through honing their golf skills, developing interpersonal communication strategies, and abiding by the USGA, GWOC and OHSAA rules of golf in order to continue the success of the program in the future.

Philosophy and Vision:

Golf is a game that teaches lifelong lessons that will extend beyond the realm of your time on the Northmont Golf Team.  It is imperative that the learning process begins prior to your first tryout and continues long after the end of your high school golf career.  Golf is typically taught, practiced and played individually which contradicts the ideals of team sports.  Learning how to grow, as an individual, through mental and physical practice will help you be an effective contributor to the team as a whole.  Golf is one of the most time consuming sports that you can participate in.  There are no short cuts in golf and you will be expected to practice year round while maintaining high academic achievement in your high school studies.  Remember that you are a student first and an athlete second.


We will assess the effectiveness of our program and the extent to which we meet our yearly goals by following this threefold approach:  Individual, Team, and Competitive Culture

First, all golfers will be expected to learn the rules of golf, how to conduct themselves as gentlemen, proper golf course etiquette and personal conduct.  We will ingrain these principles in all of our team activities.  Golfers will be expected to represent their families, school, community and team with dignity and respect both on and off the golf course.  Furthermore, each golf team member will value each opportunity he gets to tee it up for the Thunderbolts in competition.

Second, we have to effectively bridge the gap between performing as individuals and contributing as team members.  At the high school level, golfers compete as individuals and as a team at the same time.  Golf team members must understand the value of participating in practices and team activities.  We cannot grow as a team unless we have a 100 percent buy in from the coaching staff and all team members.  This is one task that is not easily accomplished without effective communication between coaches and players.  The coaches will constantly evaluate the state of the golf program and plan practices that focus on individual and team growth.  Pairings in practices and matches are formed to further the overall team goals for growth and success.

Finally, we all must remember that this is a varsity sport and not an athletic club.  The golf coaches expect a competitive spirit to be at the forefront of all team activities.  We will practice every day like we intend to play in matches.  Golf is a game that requires motivation to be played at the highest level and there are no shortcuts to success.  There is no greater test of character than taking up this great game.  Expect to be tested every day.  You will be an active participant in all practices and your participation in matches will depend upon your production in tryouts, practice rounds and prior matches.  It will always be the discretion of the coaches to decide the final roster for each junior varsity and varsity competition.  It is our goal to put the best five or six competitors into a match in order to give our teams the best chance at winning.