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Boys Soccer Vision Philosophy

Pride… Honor…. Tradition…   These words are the core of the Northmont Boys Soccer philosophy and vision.  As one of the trailblazers for high school boys soccer in the state of Ohio, we feel that anyone who puts on the Northmont Soccer jersey has certain obligations to uphold.  Northmont has a long history of being a program that sets the standard for others to follow. These standards are demonstrated by the following values:

1) Working hard on and off the field has always been a Northmont Tradition.  Competing against many of the bigger and more affluent schools at the district, regional, and state level, the T-Bolts have traditionally had to work harder and be mentally tougher than many of the top programs we compete against.

2) Acting professional at all times when interacting with referees, opponents, and spectators demonstrates our Honor in representing our school and the community.  Although we always strive for and expect to be victorious in every game, win or lose we will never sacrifice our honor by being anything less than professional at all times

3) Playing an intelligent, skillful, and entertaining brand of soccer is part of the T-bolt  soccer standard and expectations.  Whether it be on the practice or game field, we always take Pride in how we play, regardless of the score.

Northmont Soccer has always been, and shall continue to be, a great source of pride for our community.