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Boys Tennis Vision Philosophy

The Northmont Boys Tennis Team’s philosophy is to inspire all student athletes to be the best they can be both on the court and off the court. We will work together to form a sense of respect for one another as well as our opponents, self-discipline, commitment, and a strong work ethic on the court and in the classroom.

Tennis can be both an individual sport as well as a team sport. We strongly believe in the word TEAM and learning what it means to be a teammate. Anyone can throw on a jersey and be part of a team, but there is so much more to that. When you put on your jersey, you are not only becoming a part of a team but part of a family. We will learn to stick together, support each other, encourage and push each other, as well as give each other a sense of belonging. Developing these qualities will help us succeed in our every day lives.

Overall, we will display the true meaning of wearing a Northmont uniform.