College Recruitment


The following page contains information that student-athletes who are interested in playing college athletics may find helpful.  Northmont High School takes pride in the achievement of our athletes, and want to help support our athletes as they seek to continue their athletic careers at the collegiate level.  For more information on preparing for college, please contact the Northmont Athletic Office or try these free resources below.

NCAA Guide to the College-Bound Athlete

NCAA Initial Eligibility Brochure

NAIA Guide to the College-Bound Athlete

ACT Test Dates and Information

SAT Test Dates and Information

Parents Guide – Core Course GPA

NCAA Initial Eligibility Memo of Understanding

  • Three rules of being a parent
  • Scholarship myths and facts
  • NAIA and JUCO Education
  • Scholarships, do they differ?
  • The Name Game
  • Negotiate/Cooperative Education
  • Dangers of Social Networking/ Cell Phones/ Saving for College
  • National Letter of Intent
  • NCAA/NAIA Eligibility Centers
  • Recruiting Services
  • NCAA Core Course Requirements