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Girls Soccer Vision Philosophy

To begin, academics are the most important aspect of your High School career. You may love soccer, you may plan on playing in college, but you must prepare yourself for other aspects of life. Academic success – especially as it requires rigorous effort here at  Northmont- will assist you by forcing you to learn to time-manage, study, problem solve, and prioritize. My coaching staff and I are willing to provide our student-athletes with as much help as they need . And as such, we require academic success as a prerequisite to athletic opportunity. You must pass to play. Our team goal is a 3.0 cumulative GPA.

It is our job to analyze the results of their choices on and off the field and provide feedback (both positive and negative) and try to assist them in learning from their past experiences so that in the future they might make the best decisions available to them. I believe that the best one can hope for in life is to be held accountable for the actions and decisions one makes.

Another principle we adhere to would be that you must deserve to win. When push comes to shove, when you are truly tested against someone who is either your equal or superior, you must honestly know that you deserve to win – know that you trained harder, longer, endured more hardship, risked more of your heart. We believe this approach will sustain you in your darkest moments. We believe this feeling will allow you to look at yourself in the mirror after a loss and say that there was nothing else that you could have done. The time and effort required to achieve such mental strength is immense. We will demand such time and effort from you. But, we believe that only you can provide yourself the motivation to travel such a path. As coaches, we can only help you with directions.

Last, we believe that a team is a collection of individuals, but for a team to be successful it must be much more than that. A successful team is a group of individuals driven by a common goal. Our ultimate goal as a program is to be the very best that we can be! We try not to compare ourselves with the accomplishments of others, and we attempt to take the same tack with our players. We evaluate them. We try to get to know them. We try to understand where they are and where they came from. We then try to put them in varying situations to get the most out of them. We ask not for them to be great at everything,we only ask that they try their best. I heard it once said that it is impossible to train a player beyond a point that she feels she is capable and it is impossible to train to a point beyond which she feels necessary. Players set their own goals. Players establish their own limits. We want players who always look to overachieve.