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Girls Track Vision Philosophy

Northmont Girls Track and Field Team Covenant

A covenant is a written agreement of the expectations, practices, goals, and behaviors that a team decides for the group. Unlike a contract that’s conditional, restricting and based on lack of trust, a covenant is an intentional commitment of team members to each other. It is an oath to each other and is based on trust.


The purpose of Northmont Girls Track and Field is to help each athlete improve within their chosen event. It is also about giving people opportunities for growth that will prepare them for post-track and field life. Creating outstanding athletes is important, but creating stronger people is more important.


You are responsible for your team. That is, you work at a variety of levels to build, maintain and contribute to the development of the team. You are accountable for your choices. Take ownership for your actions, opinions, and beliefs. You are accountable for preventing your actions from infringing or violating others’ rights. You are responsible for addressing situations and communicating concerns about issues that undermine community or individual rights.

The Goals of Northmont Girls Track and Field

• To see every athlete improve

• To be successful as a team at conference and state level

• To help the athlete develop values that lead to satisfying lives

• To provide an outlet from academics at Northmont

• To foster a healthy lifestyle

• To create a supportive team culture


The rules for Northmont Girls Track and Field are few… but they are important

• Be on time for training and leaving for meets

• Follow the training plan. Know the difference between hard and easy days.

• Understand why we train like we do. Become a student of the sport.

• Respect your body and make the right choice to do so.

• Be an example of honor and integrity to your teammates, your school and your family.

The Whole Athlete and Full Engagement

Success in track and field is due to many variables working together to an end result: A healthy nutritional diet, rest and recovery, good health practices, and proper training all influence performance. Positive health habits and choices are what create the whole track and field athlete. Becoming a student of your individual event gives you the knowledge to succeed. Spiritual development also adds to one’s wholeness. Working to become a whole person will help you be a whole athlete. Being fully engaged in the process is a must. Success comes from a burning passion to succeed… success does not come from an obsession (Vigil). Know the difference.

Mental Toughness

This sport is one of pain and frustration. Learning to deal with pain and frustration is part of the training process. Learning to be mentally tough (to have courage) is a learned phenomenon. Training is what teaches this. Challenge yourself to face pain…that is where courage is learned Relationships and Support Nothing is more important to a team than relationships. Every team has the potential for greatness, but each athlete must find their role, be fully engaged and offer what they can give to the team. When interpersonal problems develop, deal with them immediately, weather between athletes or coach and athlete.

Consistency and Discipline

Consistency in training is what results in optimal performance over time. Develop habits that result in consistent training. Discipline is an internal choice to be consistent and focused. Champions are consistent and focused in their training.

Honor and Integrity

Respecting yourself and your teammates and the work that you do is what honor is about. It is also about doing what is right. Most of all, honor is about standing with and by your teammates. To run faster, and to jump and throw higher/further are goals of the program. To do this with teammates and with honor and integrity is a greater goal. Your own moral and ethical code will determine your actions in life. Honor your teammates and school honor, your parents, yourself and the sport. Remember that character is not who we are but what we do.